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My name is Holly McCrary, and last year, I was living a perfectly normal, happy, healthy lifestyle, just like many of you. I was 25 years old and raising a wonderful, blue eyed blond haired, five year old little boy. My circumstances were not the easiest compared to most, but despite the hardships that I was face with, I was able to overcome the odds and provide for my son. I was a single mother with no participation on the part of the father, and no child support. After many years of working multiple jobs at all hours of the day and night online classes, very little sleep, and a lot of dedication, I was able to get to where I was last year. I took on a position with a great company that I was proud to work for, successfully running their training department and was finally able to purchase a small condo in 2008. I was able to work a regular schedule and be home every night for my son. I even continued taking night classes to further my education. So, despite the difficulties that I faced, I was living a fairly happy, normal life, just like most of you.

On December 10th, 2011; 15 days before Christmas, and 10 days before my little boy’s 6th birthday, a Man named Cameron Mitchell took that all away from us. He showed up at our home in the middle of the night and tried to kill me; He very nearly succeeded. He stabbed me over 22 times in the heart, lungs, chest, neck, face, back, and arms. After the first few times he attacked with the knife, I was able to get away and escape to a neighbor’s house for help. Prior to the stabbing he had taken my phone away and destroyed it so that I could not call for help. I was already badly injured with multiple stab wounds to the heart and back with severe bleeding. The neighbor let me in and tried to help me. Just when I thought it was over and I was safe; that I might make it, Cameron burst into her house and began attacking me with the knife again, but at this point I was already very weak and unable to get away. All I could do was block with my arms and let the knife plunge over and over into my arms, chest, neck or face. I tried slamming the door on him over and over with my leg while I was laying on the ground, but nothing I did seemed to help, I even tried begging and pleading with him not to. He made it very clear in his response and expressions that he intended to kill me. There was nothing that I could do but try to stay conscious and block whatever I could. I think the only thing that kept me from just giving up and dying was the thought of my little boy being left alone with no mom, of him having to find out that his mom died 10 days before his birthday, and right before Christmas. At some point in the process of fighting for life and trying to fight him off, I was able to get the door shut and lock him out.

With 22+ stab wounds, broken bones, various injuries and an extreme amount of blood loss, I lay on the floor trying to hold onto life. I felt how easy it would be to just let go. It took everything I had and then some to stay conscious and force my eyes stay open, because I knew if I closed my eyes that it would be over. My neighbor brought me some towels to try and stop the bleeding and put pressure on the wounds. She did the best she could, and I tried to help her, but neither of us knew that it was hopeless. With the first attack he had punctured my heart and severed the main blood supply to the body. All of the pressure in the world would not stop me from bleeding out.

When the police arrived, they could not find me right away. The condo number was difficult to find and I could hear them outside looking for it. The officers arrived before the paramedics and I remember one of them trying really hard to keep me awake. He kept yelling at me to stay with him, to keep my eyes open. I remember him trying to ask me about who did this to me. I tried so hard to say his name, I thought I was yelling it, but I am sure it came out as nothing more than a whisper because at first he didn’t hear me “Cameron Mitchell” At that point I realized, that I might not make it, that I needed to tell him at least who did this, so that when I died, they would be able to hold him accountable. I struggled with everything I had in me to get his name out; it felt like I was screaming harder than any person has ever screamed before, but could barely get out a whisper. I felt my lungs close in on me, and it became almost impossible to breath. I was gasping and gasping at any air I could get. I remember the police officers carried me down the stairs to the ambulance on some sort of sheet, they were concerned that if they waited for the medics to me, that I would die before they even got there.

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"I have more hospital bills than I will ever be able to pay off, the cost of medication and doctor co-pays has become out of reach. I am so far in debt, that I can’t foresee a way out of it....But despite all that has happened, I refuse to give up. I will keep fighting and I know we will get through this; I refuse to give up and let him win."

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"I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful medical staff at UCI for all of their hard work and dedication. Also to the Fire Department, the police Department, and all of the people who have been there to support me during this difficult time."